New Beginnings

In the world we live in today, new beginnings are often marked by the start of a new year. As a student though, the real marking of a new year is the start of a new school year- the chance to meet more people, enjoy ourselves and become a year’s-worth of work wiser.

For me, however, a new school year isn’t marked by the first day of school. I tend to think of it as the feeling you get after your schedule is permanently set or even the feeling you get after you take the first test of the year- did I do a good job? I personally feel like “good jobs” vary from person to person.

My standards of a “good job” aren’t based on the score I thought I deserved or the score that I received, but rather the effort I put into it. Unfortunately, I can describe myself as the person who does the bare minimum- just barely scrapping by and getting the job done. You could say I lack a true motive, but really it’s pure procrastination and laziness. And I try not to think of it as being lazy, but in reality, if you aren’t doing your best, you aren’t trying your hardest.

And so with every new beginning, we try to improve ourselves. Let’s face it: self-improvement is our consciences telling us that what we were previously doing wasn’t our very best. With that being said, my resolution this new school year is to do my best and try my hardest; after all, creating resolutions while lacking perseverance is the reason why gyms are packed in January and empty before March.



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