Music: Fences by Phoenix

This is easily my favorite song from Phoenix. 

If you watch the commentary of the song, it gives insight about the process which I think is really cool because you can tell how much the producer personally enjoys the track. It’s interesting to see how music is made, and I think it’s really cool to know how one person’s opinion of the song really made it shine as a finished product. This record has so many simple layers, but when compiled together it has this vintage, hazy vibe (kind of the only song on the album that is really laid-back and chill like he says) with a disco feel in the chorus… It reminds me of Stayin’ Alive from Bees Gees with a more modern interpretation- I just had to put it out there.

I think lyrically it’s also very special. It talks about creating an atmosphere where you can become this person free of rules, but really the complete freedom takes over. With that, this sort of chaos ensues when you realize that this idea of fun really isn’t all that fun when you’re caught up hiding from everyone. It gives an interesting contrast to the music, which I think is a common thing in this genre, while still staying original.

Anyways, give it a listen.

Fences Commentary by Zdar (the producer of the album):



One thought on “Music: Fences by Phoenix

  1. I LOVE indie/alternative bands. It’s a shame that not many people listen to this type of music. A few other bands you may enjoy are: Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, MGMT, Arctic Monkeys, Atlas Genius, and The National. These are just a few of my favorite band in the alternative rock genre.
    Always glad to see someone with a great taste in music!

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