Hope for Happiness and Endure

We all go through rough patches in our lives when we wish bad things would just stop happening to us. Things pile up quickly, and soon we have too much on our plates. There’s a certain aspect of hope that goes hand-in-hand with endurance. Most people think that without hope, endurance is nothing. That’s because their ultimate goals in life are based around happiness. After finding out that she committed incest and bore her son’s children, Oedipus’ wife, Iocaste, gave up on life when she realized she could no longer be happy. In Norse mythology, however, the main goal of the people’s lives was to keep fighting. They aimed to endure the stress and struggles of life until the very end.

When you think about it, life isn’t all about where you’ll end up going, but how you’ll get there. What is a high school or college graduation without the years you put into achieving it? Where is the satisfaction of your life when all you’re looking for is happiness? It’s easier to have happiness find you rather than the other way around, if you ask me.

I think that you should hope for happiness, but making that your main goal in life won’t get you as far as making it about the fight to get there. Hope is a long, one way street with happiness at the end. Endurance is what gets you there, and if you keep going, you’ll find happiness scattered along the way.



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