Bad Ideas

Recently, in my English class, we were given the task of getting into groups, thinking of every possible bad idea we could think of, writing it down on a giant slice of butcher’s paper and then presenting it to the class. I thought it was a great idea (ha) because it sparks creativity in uncharted seas- which isn’t really a term that can be used nowadays thanks to the GPS, but you get the point.

There was this common theme going around the class: the ideas were all based off of fun and adventure. “Bad” Ideas such as driving golf carts around the school’s campus is, on the surface level, the most convenient way of transportation around school, but throw in 3,600 more golf carts in the mix and suddenly it’s a car accident on the 405- backed up for days. I think it’s cool that we get the opportunity to brainstorm ideas in class, especially in groups because I like hearing other people’s ideas- I’m a huge listener, and unfortunately, I can only build off of ideas, not create them.

One of the ideas I built off of was not being able to see in color. I think that it’s really cool- I know some people just love color, but I think it would be a nice twist to experience the world without color for a day- just to see what it’s like. (Maybe it’s because I want to know what a color-blind person sees, for perspective’s sake.) The inspiration for the idea was the book The Giver by Lois Lowry.


November 24, 1966,
Smoggiest day in Manhattan taken by Noel Boenzi for the New York Times from the Empire State Building

I like coming up with outrageous scenarios such as what if we couldn’t see in color or what if we took pills that suppressed our true emotions, like in The Giver, because it gives you perspective about the way the brains of some people work and the way social order really works as well. I think it’s interesting to picture life differently, whether in your dreams you’re a talented singer or budding chemist; life is more fun with a good imagination.

what 20 historic photos would look like in color

[just a little tidbit of information: that picture also happens to be the album cover of Vampire Weekend’s latest album Modern Vampires of the City (one of my favorite albums of 2013 and one of my favorite bands) so give it a listen if you have time… One of my favorite songs from the album is Hudson]



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