Music: Bravado by Lorde

Okay, I love Lorde.

I dig her whole effortless, cool-girl vibe. I could gush about how great her voice is, how relatable she is, etc etc etc. I know everyone and their mother is talking about her right now. “Ohmagawd, she’s ONLY 16!!!” Royals is great; I know- I have ALL her songs. Honestly, I would just link her entire discography, but that’d be obnoxious.

Also, my header image of the whole eyes thing, yeah, that’s Ella. I drew the top portion of her face on MS Paint because that’s how awesome I think she is.

Anyways about the song:

I’m kind of a minimalist, hence the light blog theme, and all her songs have this minimalist, but heavy(???) vibe. I don’t know exactly how to describe her sound, and I hate describing a band’s or artist’s sound because it’s just pointless- I’ll end up creating new oxymorons. Let’s just say it’s pleasing to my minimalist-senses without being boring.

Lyric wise I think that it’s great because it’s about being okay with not having a niche or not being able to fulfill your vision of yourself. It’s about admitting that you want people to like you and pretending to be this person just so people will think a certain way of you. It applies to all people, in my opinion. The whole “I don’t really care” thing kinda describes me, and to be honest, a tiny part of me does care because everyone gets self conscious about what other people think about you- it’s human nature. No matter how big of a superiority complex someone might exhibit, a part of that person wants the approval and applause of another person because how great you think you are doesn’t really compare to how great someone else thinks you are, in all honestesty.




2 thoughts on “Music: Bravado by Lorde

  1. I LOVE Lorde’s music. My favorite songs by her is probably Buzzcut Season or Team. I definitely agree with your interpretation of “Bravado” by her. When she sings “the story’s brand new, that I can take it from here, I’ll find my own bravado,” it really expresses the independent quality of a person. There are things in life that you have the strength to do alone which is kinda like writing your own story (the story’s brand new). At the end of a story, there is always a happy ending or some kind of epiphany in a character, which is kinda like “find[ing your] own bravado.” “Bravado” in this sense, the word is being used as a noun, not its usual “adjective usage.” I think we all have our own bravado which can be a talent or skill and ties into the lines in the beginning the song: I was raised up, to be admired, to be noticed. We all have great talents, bravado, and it should be seen by others. I think this song is about admiring individualism and embracing the bravado you were born with. I think our blogs a pretty similar! I write about music too and when I saw your post on “Bravado,” I just had to comment on one of my favorite songs.

  2. I clicked on your blog, and your latest post was titled “Musica Cubista,” and then I thought you were into Cuban music. “I don’t think our blogs are really the same…” but then I scrolled even further down and saw Selena Gomez and was all, “Yeah, maybe our blogs are pretty similar.” That really had no point, but I think you should make a post about Bravado because you have a lot of good points that I really liked and thought should be shared with your blog readers.

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