My favorite section to read in the newspaper is the “Opinions” section. I love reading about things that I don’t agree with if the writer is able to defend their point. I think such writers deserve people’s time because they are able to give reasons as to why a controversial issue is wrong or right. The ability to defend a point is what separates a follower from an individual. An individual deserves an article in the “Opinions” section, but a follower cannot even be considered for a sentence in the same area. So, next time you’re going to say something that people might disagree with, give a good reason as to why that person should even consider listening to you.


Your opinions matter. Forming your own opinions matter. It’s not even that if your opinion is controversial that you should be able to defend it. My English teacher asked why a student picked a certain color for their blog theme, and whomever he was asking just said “I don’t know.” The teacher told the student that wasn’t the way anybody should think and even if the reason was because it looked cool, at least it was a reason. I completely agreed with him because it’s true. You have the freedom of speech; use it.

Call It What You Want by Foster the People



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