Pretending it Doesn’t Exist

It’s always easier to ignore the truth. Always. I wish there was some pill to get yourself to accept the truth because I’m sitting next to a pile of empty Lindt truffle wrappers telling myself that I’m “saving time by throwing the wrappers all away at one time.”

Through history, you have so many examples of people just ignoring the truth because it’s easier to do that than to fix the issue. You have the period in the early 1950s prior to the American Civil Rights Movement where so many Americans claimed to be equal with one another, but these minority groups were being shoved to the back of the bus- literally, because the problem was just easier to deal with that way. When you heard of France prior to the French Revolution, you just thought of citizens in poverty, but when you heard of England during that time, you kind  of thought about how great the country was. The thing that Charles Dickens does with A Tale of Two Cities is that he’s like, “Hey, England doesn’t deserve this much glory. People are being robbed every single night, and the king and queen are out here wining and dining like there’s nothing wrong with this country.” It’s a wake up call- the thing that we most need when pretending problems don’t exist.

I especially like books with social commentary because, majority of the time, the things the author is saying still applies to modern issues. I mean, you would think after hundreds of years people would get a clue and finally fix the problem, but no; we as humans like taking the easier route out of things, even when it comes to making sure you don’t hoard candy wrappers.



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