Inspiration comes from everything, and we all have things or people that inspire us. Some find inspiration in literature, sculptures, paintings- 1984, The Thinker, The Two Fridas, and some find inspiration in people who have made an impact on this world- Malala Yousafzai, Theodore Roosevelt, Voltaire, but things or people that inspire us aren’t catalysts for change; it’s what you do with the inspiration.

Desperation makes people do crazy things, but sometimes anger is louder than desperation. In A Tale of Two Cities when Monsieur the Marquis kills a wounded child, he throws a coin at the people thinking it’ll make them foam at the mouth and ignore his actions because they’re so hungry and poor that they’d do absolutely anything for it. To his surprise, the people just stare at the coin on the ground. When the marquis gets into his carriage to go on, the people throw the coin back at him. They don’t want his money. These people live their lives not knowing when they’ll get their next meal, but they’re tired of living that way. They need change, and they’re willing to do anything for it; they just need a push.


These pushes are small; they only seem to make things worse at times. With enough pushes, they suddenly can knock down buildings bigger than their wildest dreams.



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