I have this “vice” where I laugh too hard or too long at jokes that “aren’t funny.” In November some time ago, my friends and I went out to go see the Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie, and the scene where Effie Trinket says something along the lines of, “Well, Katniss has her gold mockingjay pin and I have my gold hair, so I got you guys gold gifts too!”


I completely lost it. I was crying of laughter. The movie theater was quite empty at the time, and so you only heard a little bit of laughing, and then me with a roar of laughter. Apparently it wasn’t funny, whatever (insert dramatic eye roll).
Comedy and what people find funny is subjective. In middle school, my best friends and I would obnoxiously quack in each others face, and we thought it was so funny. If someone did that to me today, and it wasn’t that close group of friends doing it, I would probably pull all my hair out. I think that people change all the time, and that sense of humor changes with age. I’m not that same obnoxious 7th grader… I’m an obnoxious 10th grader.
Tldr: People find different things funny.


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