Valentine’s Day Playlist

You’re broke, and you have a date on Valentine’s Day. This date needs to go perfect. What should you get? Chocolates? A dozen roses? Wrong. You’re broke. Do you wanna know how much a dozen roses costs during the week of Valentine’s Day? The answer is a lot. I mean, you could sneak into your neighbors yard and get them from their prize-worthy rose bushes, but you don’t want your neighbors to hate you more, do you? So the solution: a Valentine’s Day playlist.

Think about it. How many people receive playlists as gifts nowadays? It’s a great gift for many reasons: it’s cheap, meaningful and ROMANTIC. Your significant other will humble-brag about you the next day.

So here’s a compilation of 14 songs you should consider for your brilliant gift on the 14th, or whenever you want…

400 Lux by Lorde

If you didn’t know, 400 Lux is how bright the sun is at sunrise and sunset. You can mention that to whomever you’re giving the gift, and they would probably be super impressed.

Simple Song by The Shins

Also a great wedding song, and also a great anniversary song. Don’t forget your anniversary… like, ever.

SO. GOOD. by Johnny Stimson

You don’t even know how many music blogs have called this song “SO. GOOD.” I would’ve already done that because my entire life relies on terribly thought out puns, but it’s been said and done.

Big Parade by The Lumineers

Out of My League by Fitz and the Tantrums

Feel Again by OneRepublic

got me goin by Paperwhite

Such an amazing track. I love how they sing to the beat without sounding like Miley Cyrus in We Can’t Stop. Besides, was I the only one that noticed that in her song?

Fall in Love by Phantogram

Feelin’ It by Ex Norwegian

Yellow by Coldplay

I Would Do Anything for You by Foster the People

Probably one of my top ten favorites songs of all time. I really like it, and hopefully your “babe,” “sweet pea” or “sugar pie” will like it too.


Everlasting Arms by Vampire Weekend

Bloom by The Paper Kites

Love Illumination by Franz Ferdinand

Just to freak them out a little you can also add Settle Down by Kimbra




One thought on “Valentine’s Day Playlist

  1. THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST IN THE WHOLE WORLD, I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING. YOU REALLY HAVE BLESSED EARS. On a calmer note, your sense of music is superb! I’ve only heard 5/15 of these songs, and I absolutely love these other ones you’ve shared! Thank you so much for posting this! ❤

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