Music: Coming of Age by Foster the People

Foster the People released their first single from their Sophomore album, Supermodel, a few weeks back. It’s an amazing track that, as the title suggests, is about growing up. The genre of art about growing up is super niche because of its directed audience, but at the same time everyone goes through it so it’s relative to anyone. The music video is cool too, and can we talk about how adorable that ending is? Not that I’d ever get on a motorcycle or anything with my outrageous levels of paranoia.

They also painted a mural in DTLA (539 S. Los Angeles Street) of the album artwork of Supermodel to promote their album. It’s so cool, no joke. I follow the band a lot on social media because I used to be in love with them, and when they were beginning to paint the mural, the band released teaser photos of the parking lot and stuff like that on their Instagram:


January 3, 2014

Imagine just casually scrolling through your Instagram home feed and seeing this sans caption. Obviously it was a painting, but like of what? It gave me so much anxiety. They were sort of Beyonce-ing everybody, except at the same time not really. Anyways, the finished project looks so amazing:

2But also, I love how one of the windows is just open. They had a concert there for free with a suggested donation of $5 to the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA. (I was supposed to go, but the concert was on the 23rd aka a school night with finals. I was so angry.)

A time-lapse of the painting of the mural:




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