Music: Lanterns by Birds of Tokyo

This song is super cool because the sound starts off very placid, emphasizing the lyrics more than the actual music. Then, after you understand what the band is trying to convey with the lyrics, the music starts becoming more complex with the backing vocals and the beat creeping out. In the end, the lyrics are sung more as a statement in comparison to the way the it’s sung in the beginning where it’s out of realization. 

My favorite lyrics of the song are,

“We held the light
to our faces
and realized
we were chasing
shadows behind
not worth saving.”

To me this song is about trying to make it to the end. There’s a certain age when a kid realizes their childhood doesn’t last for ever and that they have to find a place in this world. Again, the way the lyrics are sung in the beginning is out of realization, and in the end it’s sort of like, “I have no idea where I’m going, but I’m confident it’s where I’m supposed to be.” At the same time, I think it’s an homage to all those kids who never really made it into adulthood. My teacher always reminds us that some people don’t even make it out of high school. They weren’t able to carve out a little place on this world for themselves because they felt like they didn’t belong. It’s important to cherish the good memories of childhood, but those memories of regret and fear need to be relinquished as you find yourself.

(This amazing song is perfect for graduation. HINT HINT. PULL SOME STRINGS.)



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