Music: House of Gold by twenty one pilots

So truth be told I have an entire list of songs I want to post, but I usually withhold from posting certain songs because I know these songs will have to do with things relevant to what we’re reading in English, and I’m saving those for Re:Framed posts… Anywho, it’s time to post a song I’ve waited three months to post about. I was going to post about it while reading the Oedipus Cycle, Antigone specifically, but I remembered the genders were switched, but also because my blog was a snore-fest, as the kids nowadays say, because I didn’t really like my blog at that time, sooooo…


This song is just top notch. Something weird about me is that songs with this type of sound (Sail by AWOLNATION, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Come With Me Now by KONGOS, etc.) make me feel super liberated and, like, pumped enough to go to my first period class without feeling like I need to go to therapy to get rid of my PTSD… (I kid. Learning Spanish is fun.) I would put this in my workout playlist if I were to ever exercise.

Okay, back to the main purpose:

I think one of the themes is quite straightforward: love your mother for all the generous, maternal things she’s done for you, but something that got me thinking while reading Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front was the way the younger soldiers had no real relationships outside their morale and parents. Like, these people were 19 years old. Some might’ve had a girlfriend or whatever, but girls are shallow; once they see your nasty battle wound when you get back, they’ll be running towards the woods. No female loves you like your mom at that young of an age. I can’t believe I just said 19 was young.

We often take our parents for granted because of how many times they’ve been there for us. As much as I hate my parents’ unrealistic expectations for me, it’s the reason why I try to do my best. I think most of the things we do at this point of our lives is for the benefit and happiness of our parents. We learn to drive for the sake of our freedom and growing up, but our parents are the ones driving us around. I know that half the kids going for their driver’s tests at the DMV are so stoked to get licenses so they can drive their friends out to the newest ice cream place right by school even though they aren’t supposed to. My brother said that once he gets his license, he’s ditching the mom-van and getting a used sedan he saw by the side of the road with a for sale sign taped to the window. It’s so sad that we see our parents as burdens to our social lives. How many people can a sedan seat? 5. How many can a Toyota Sienna sit? 8. MORE FRIENDS, yet we don’t see it as that.

Our moms make our houses into homes whether it be by the scent of fresh-baked cookies or fried rice. Our moms are reliable, even if they can’t take us to that cool ice cream place right by school.

Don’t show my mom this.


Fun tidbit of information that may or may not be accurate because I got it off of Wikipedia:

Erich Maria Remarque changed his middle name from Paul to Maria in memory of his mommy. Isn’t that precious? Almost as precious as this picture of Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy with one of the four puppies he’s adopting:

wordpressIt’s, like, a tie.


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