Music: Congratulations by MGMT

We all have things in our lives that we’re super proud of, but we don’t really get the recognization that we want or even need, and I think this song is very fitting for this issue. Although the music video is pretty weird (top 10 weirdest music videos out there in my opinon), it interprets the message of the song quite well. I love the way the song is very calming, almost as if the message of the lyrics is being downplayed, just like their congratulations.

Last semester, I proudly earned a 4.03 gpa, where the .03 came from I will never know, but I will graciously accept. Anyways, I had a B in Chemistry, which I basically cried tears of joy when I recieved my report card because the final felt like an inevitable defeat. When my parents saw the report card, they asked why I had got a B on it… and I felt like dying

because they weren’t like

clapThat’s basically my entire schooling summed up. Our parents are always more upset when they see a bad grade than they are happy when they see a good one. I can’t help that my chemistry teacher might actually comb the desert for mistakes on my test. (Mild language in the video.)

You’re probably like, “Jean, stop caring so much about you grades,” or not, I don’t know you… Well the reason why students are always so friggin obsessed with grades is because we’re taught to be. Everyone’s always SAT this, AP that. Like, can we ever just chill for a second, and focus on the bigger picture? Our future. Oh, wait what? You need a good job to make money to take care of yourself? And you need to go to a good school to get a good job? Wait, you need to get good grades to go to a good school, too? I feel like this is all new information; information valid enough to care about grades. I wouldn’t freak out about grades so much if colleges within 50 miles of where I live didn’t have such low acceptance rates either.

So to summarize: life is tough, and we all need to be congratulated every once in a while.



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