Music: Don’t Panic by Coldplay

The List of Situations when Anxiety might be at its High Point:

  • right before a chemistry test
  • when you order food for yourself, but it’s enough to feed the 10 people in line behind you
  • when you’re ice skating, and you see a large group of people huddling on the sides of the rink, and you have to find a way to get around them
  • when a stranger behind you sees your lockscreen wallpaper:


  • when you’re at your betrothal fest, and then you get arrested for conspiring against the Bourbon Monarchy (circa 1815)
  • when the guy who ordered your arrest burns all the proof of innocence that you have
  • when you’re supposed to be burried in order to escape prison, but instead you get thrown into the ocean
  • when you learn that your fiancée married one of the guys that plotted in your false imprisonment

But hey, I’m not Edmond Dantés so only half of that list gives me reasons to panic.



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