Public Speaking

You know those classes that include an unrighteous amount of public speaking to the point where you get really bad anxiety the period before? I used to be really anxious with speaking publicly in general, but with your teacher staring upon you, waiting for words of wisdom, and your peers crossing their fingers that you’ll say something just as funny as the last time you presented is a lot of pressure.

Don’t even get me started about having to listen to other people publicly speak. I feel like I’m a super empathetic person, and through some crazy psychological weirdness, I get anxiety from just hearing those classmates speak.

There’s classmates that just crumble from the pressure of having all eyes being on them; they absolutely cannot have those many eyes on them without having verbal diarrhea. And there’s only one thing worse than verbal diarrhea:  actual diarrhea. Which I’ve never seen anyone be that nervous to the point of just pooping themselves, but it happens. Fight or flight. I get it; I won’t judge. But those are the kids you can feel for.

There are other kids who just get rid of their nervousness by talking incredibly slow, which I do not recommend. It’s one thing to be calm and another to be boring. If you’re using 3 second long pauses between every word to figure out what you’re going to say next, write down what you’re about to say beforehand and glance down at that. I don’t want to sit at my desk listening to you speak 2 sentences in 5 minutes. Nobody does. Detailed, but concise- it’s what the people like.

Then there are the kids who are amazing at public speaking. Sometimes all you need to be is a good public speaker. There’s a kid in my class who is just the most riveting person ever when they’re presenting. They could sell me moldy bread,  and I would still buy it from them. That’s how good they are. I aim to speak as well as they do. It’s on my bucket list.


I don’t really think I know what a bucket list even is, but aren’t they always works in progress?

Anyways, I’ve sort of realized that I had no point in this post, except I sort of do at the same time. Basically, public speaking isn’t everyone’s strongsuit especially if you’re mute,  but we have to find ways that make ourselves less hot-mess-ish and more “[your last name here] for president 2016!” if we want an audience to notice and respect us as individuals.




I donated my hair on 4/6/14. That’s all.


I got an A on a Chemistry test  on 4/23/14. That’s all.


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