Music: Fever by The Black Keys

I feel like I’m one of the 100 people on this world who has been a fan of The Black Keys and likes their new material. I actually like it. It’s not the same blue-sy, garage-band sound they were 294820280 years ago, but I don’t think it’s bad. Besides, music needs to evolve or else it’s just the same thing over and over again.

I like the idea of the “fever” being a scapegoat. It’s funny because it’s pretty much your fault that you got sick in the first place, but when you blame the fever for doing things wrong, it’s okay.This reminds me of how Dantes focuses all his attention on getting revenge on those who have wronged him in The Count of Monte Cristo to the point where he forgets the real reason why he was so upset about what he lost. Without his father, fiancee and new job opportunity, Dantes wouldn’t care if he was thrown into prison, but he seems to forget this when he disquises himself as the Count. Life is so much easier when we can put all our focus into one thing, but it’s not what life is about.

I also like to think of fevers being hellish vacations, especially during the work/school week. You get to sit in bed, watch Netflix all day and not have a single worry, but you feel awful and have so much work to get back to once you’re better. I pride myself in being a pretty healthy person, but even as hellish vacations, taking the day off to get your body back to normal is great too. You just gotta find the good in things.




3 thoughts on “Music: Fever by The Black Keys

    • Okay, Dorothy, wait. I just need to hear your opinion on this: are you more into their old stuff or their new stuff? I’ve only been a fan for 2 years, so I kinda like their newer stuff better, but idek.

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