Music: Feel Good Inc ft De La Soul by Gorillaz

Note: There’s 2 swear words, if you like your music kid-friendly and all that jazz. (Another side note: Not jazz. It’s a cross between alternative and hip-hop with De La Soul. Trying to expand this blog from having purely alternative music as I’m a huge fan of hip-hop, but good hip-hop; the hip-hop that talks about real problems people have.)

The facade that the Feel Good Inc puts up is just a top notch concept. There are dead bodies everywhere, but it’s suppossedly breeding happiness. It’s a similar mindset that is given to the character Edmond Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo with his lavish lifestyle hiding the emotionally beaten down person inside of him. It’s sad that he thinks petty things like revenge and fancy horses will make him happy because I’m a firm believer that true happiness is the feeling you get once you’ve known that you’ve made another human being on this earth happy. It’s also much more easy to get this feeling of happiness because there’s 7 billion other people on this world in contrast to the one you.

Spread happiness faster than 2nd graders spreding the flu on a playground.



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