Band Spotlight: Franz Ferdinand

I feel like Franz Ferdinand is one of those bands that’s just all-around cool- it’s one of those bands that you want other people to know you like. Franz Ferdinand is also a really stand-out band for 2000s alternative rock in my opinion, but not only that, the band’s name is historically iconic- named after a guy whose death pretty much started World War I. Plus, their music videos are also pure artistic gold. 

franz ferdinand

Included are my top five favorite singles and their corresponding music videos:

Fresh Strawberries (2014)

As someone who thinks about death and aging quite a lot, I like the additional purspektiv this song gives on life. (I really want to change my blog name, but I can’t get over how good it feels to make that pun.) Mortality is the equilizer on this world. It makes all genders, races, etc equal. At the same time, death is what helps make way for the new, as mentioned by Monsieur Morrel in The Count of Monte Cristo. Through natural selection, we become more and more intelligent, powerful- elite, but somehow you have those random outliers (can’t think of a better word at the moment) that drag or push the general population to become more or less elite than the previous generation. This comes back to the strawberry and how people are pushing plants, animals, etc to become larger, tastier, faster growing; rippenning, rippening, rippening- until they finally rot to its equilizing death.

Evil Eye (2013)

A pretty gory music video with some adult language. Amazing song. Super weird. Very Halloween-ish. The chorus is so infectious, and if I believed in autoplaying songs on blogs, the chorus would be playing, but I don’t so it’s not. The chorus is my interpretation of what perspective is: some people will judge you, some people don’t agree with you, some people want to hear what you think and some people think you’re wrong. It’s a jeanious concept that I actually wish I thought of first.

Walk Away (2005)

Like I previously said in the introduction to this post, their music videos are precious metals. I love the concept, but also how? Like, how do they think of this? I thought the idea of “Band Spotlights” was pretty cool because, you know, at concerts and stuff… the lights… yeah. I can’t make music, but I can listen to it. My level of expertise in everyday tasks are relatively low, but ask me about alternative music.

Take Me Out (2004)

Got a crush? Yeah? Don’t know how to tell them? Send them this song.

Ulysses (2009)

If you didn’t know, Ulysses is the Roman name for the Greek  hero Odeysseus. I love how this song mixes that super party-focused aspect of life and alludes this to not being able to go back home or losing yourself to all that “happiness.” It explores deaper, sadder parts of the whole party lifestyle and sheds light on how it affects a person.

These listed are just a few of their very large discography. I’ve included two songs from their most recent album, and one from each of their other three albums. Like I’ve said previously, they’re a super cool band, and I’m glad their sound is diverse enough to include as the first of my series of “Band Spotlights.”





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