Music: Feel Again by OneRepublic

Spoilers to the Rocky (1976) film.

This song by OneRepublic is super contemporary-rock-pop more adjectives.

Anyways, this song reminds me that there’s an undeniable sadness you get when you realize you’re all alone in this world, and I think that’s how Rocky Balboa felt in the beginning of the first Rocky film. It never really mentioned any of his friends in the beginning; Rocky just kind of floated around different scenes with no real anchoring friendships at that point of his life, but we know his thing was club boxing. When he meets Paulie and Adrian, however, you can tell he’s a happier person. He strives for different things with them–instead of wanting to win his fights like in the beginning, he strives to just hold on tight and survive for as long as he can with his fight with Apollo Creed. He’s given an amazing opportunity and really just seizes and fully enjoys that once-in-a-lifetime event. I think that Paulie and Adrian really change Rocky in a sense where he gets back in touch with his true self… He feels again.
I thoroughly enjoyed the way the ending was made so that Rocky didn’t win the match itself, but he did achieve his goals–in that sense, he won. I like how the film brings a new purspektiv to the way winning and losing is perceived. As long as your motives are less about winning and more about doing your best, success can be achieved even if you lose.



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