Elliot Rodger, but then Chivalry

Trigger warning.

Hearing about Elliot Rodger shooting innocent women in Santa Barbara was actually heartbreaking. He targeted young women because women didn’t come flocking towards him like wild geese who found bread. Instead of me attacking a deceased guy on the internet, I’m here to say that I truly feel sorry for him. I feel bad that he thought that because he was a straight male, he was entitled by the gods a young, fertile woman.

That was sarcasm. I don’t feel bad for him.

I’m also quite shocked that people think this is the first time women have been the target in a massacre– remember George Sodini in 2009 or even Montreal’s École Polytechnique Massacre in 1989.
Now, since I’m writing this quite early on into the investigation of the UCSB massacre, I’ll write more about the École Polytechnique Massacre. Marc Lépine, the perpatrator, was anti-feminist. He literally separated men and women in classes, and from the groups of women, he shot those of whom he believed were feminists.

Now, I feel like I constantly have to defend feminism. Either people aren’t entirely sure about it or even that they don’t like the connotation that comes with the words feminism or feminist itself. I didn’t realize how many girls I knew enjoyed gender roles or even “chivalry.” You can’t be someone who demands equal treatment for women, if you continue to want someone else to play waiter for you. I don’t expect a guy to pay for me–it really is a nice gesture, but I feel like it’s also a contributing reason as to why men make more money than women on the same job. The patriarchy has imposed the belief upon women that paying bills and giving flowers are seen as romantic and chivalrous gestures of affection–as if there were no other way to display love than to open a door. I’d honestly prefer a man who strived for the social, political and economic equality of both sexes than to be bought flowers.
Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers (especially peonies), and receiving flowers is the bee’s knees (botany pun), but it’s not something I would see as a representation of a well-standing relationships. Simply put, well, because plants die. Nothing more romantic than to witness the life cycle in a living organism right before my eyes.
My point is, I think chivalry being dead is for the greater good. As I’ve mentioned before previously, I hate gender roles. Side note: my feminstapparel.com t-shirt that reads “Pizza rolls, not Gender Roles” is coming in the mail very soon, and I can’t wait to strut down the halls of my high school with that t-shirt on. Support the cause.



Here are some more in-depth blog posts about the Elliot Rodger misogyny stuff:





Correction: I previously stated that Elliot Rodger had targeted young women because he couldn’t get laid. Turns out, he got rejected once in his youth and never really bothered approaching women romantically ever again. (This was deduced by mutliple people from his 140-page maybe autobiogrophy thingy.)



2 thoughts on “Elliot Rodger, but then Chivalry

  1. Elliot Rodger released an incredibly creepy video a few days prior talking about how he wants to destroy all the girls that rejected him. I don’t want to post it, but if you google “elliot rodger video” I’m sure it’ll pop up. It’s disgusting.
    I also think it’s kind of funny that men take pride in having “chivalry” when it’s not something you should be proud of? Being respectful and generally a good human being shouldn’t be something a woman should be impressed with when finding a partner, it’s something that should already exists within that person. (If that makes sense.)
    For example, A person shouldn’t feel proud of themselves for throwing garbage in the trash instead of littering, you shouldn’t be littering in the first place.

    • I love your analogy of chivalry and littering, but for me, chivalry isn’t about being respectful. Chivalrous or respectful actions can be the same action, but it’s different under certain circumstances. For example, someone has their hands full, and then you open the door for them. That’s respectful; that’s a nice gesture. A chivalrous version of this would be a guy opening a door for a girl with nothing in her hands. I think that the gesture is unneccesary and shouldn’t be expected from a guy in this case because a girl can undoubtedly do it herself. But, just to clarify, I’m not going to yell at some dude who opens the door for me. Anyways, I do agree with you on the “being respectful and generally a good human being shouldn’t be something a woman should be impressed with when finding a partner,” because it really shouldn’t impress anyone. I mean, if being a good human being isn’t innate to them, then you should just avoid that person completely to avoid future problems.
      Thanks for the comment Isabelle!

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