The Post after “The Good One” // Winner of an OCRT Blogger Award (???!!!??)

My Feminism blog post has really gotten my blog a ton of views, and it’s my most viewed post, even though it’s been up for only a couple of days.

I’m thankful for everyone who was curious enough to click the link, who took the time to finish reading the entire post and who took the time to like and comment on it.

There’s this rule of thumb in feminist blogging where you never read the comments, mostly because someone will have to disagree with you, but all my comments are moderated [because no one reads my blog, let alone comments on the posts]. And all the comments I have received on feminism have been super positive: either people 100% agreed with me, really liked what I had to say and applauded me, or that I kind of helped them see feminism as clear as possible.

I’m going to get super introspektiv (I’m hilarious) here:

I’m kind of thankful (probably not the right word) for any gender oppression I have received because it’s given me the opinions I have today. I don’t  mean that adults telling a child that they aren’t good enough is a good thing, as most children wouldn’t be able to pull themselves out of that, but it’s a reason why I’m so into feminism. Without anyone telling me that my opinions didn’t matter because I was a girl, I wouldn’t have a good enough reason to pursue that idea of the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, and I wouldn’t have written that post that had the possibility of changing someone’s view on feminism. That’s not a welcome mat for gender oppression by the way, I’m just saying that it was, as cliché as it sounds, a “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” type of thing, quite frankly because misogyny literally kills people.

I’m thankful for every person who has treated me with even the slightest form of respect–those people who know that age and sex don’t make anyone’s opinion smaller than what it would be if someone older said it. I especially respect everyone who has ever taught me about feminism, even if they didn’t know what that word meant. I’m thankful for even the tiniest feminist lessons I’ve been taught because without being taught that I am just as capable as a man, I wouldn’t want to pursue something like feminism. Seriously, thanks to anyone who has ever taught me about feminism.

On June 6th, we had this blog award event at school which was pretty cool. Apparently, I was nominated (!!!!!???!!!???!!). I didn’t even know that the event was happening on that day, let alone that I was nominated for something along the lines of “Best Individual Blog Post,” obviously the one on feminism because, I mean, have you read my other blog posts? They aren’t that great.

Anyways, I won??????


Yeah, that happened. I looked at what I was “up against,” and 99% of the other posts were better than mine, so I really don’t know how that happened… but it did, and I guess that sort of means more exposure to feminism in a positive manner, so I’ll take it.


Anyways, thanks for reading.



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