Music: Phantom & Friends by Old Man Canyon

Turns out all the music I listen to is recommended from Belle.

Belle and I were talking about the show Suits (2011)–specifically the music featured on the show, because the composer, Christopher Tyng, is doing an exceptional job with the music. I’ve been binge watching the show for the past 5 or so days, and it’s so good. I highly recommend it. This song was featured on season 2 episode 12 of Suits, and it’s such a stand-out song so I had to share it.

The chorus is so simple and so powerful. The end lyric to the chorus, “laugh and let it go,” is such great advice when it comes to solving a multitude of problems. Despite the message’s simplicity, you can do a lot with letting issues that usually bother you dissipate because you don’t give it the ability to bother you.*

By the way, the eye thing in the beginning of the music video for this song reminds me a little bit of a blog header… my blog header; it looks like my blog header. That’s all.



*Inspired by “the most standout line” of John Green’s The Fault in Our Star–you know, the metaphor. It’s a great metaphor, but I don’t think everyone realizes the actual purpose of the cigarette metaphor with Augustus (along with that little bit of irony when he goes to the gas station for a pack of cigarettes, and his ego and metaphor nearly kill him). That’s the only problem I had with the book–its message’s interpretation (other than the fact that the book was completely out of touch in terms of experience and point of view as John Green didn’t have cancer as teenager).


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