Music: You & I (Nobody in the World) by John Legend

Finally, a music video that represents women of all types.

The music video is really the main focus of this entire post.

I know you can go on and on about the flaws for this video and/or the song, but the video in itself does a pretty good job of representing women. I got especially happy when I saw Laverne Cox. Anyways, in this music video there are women of color, women of different sizes, women of different ages and women with different experiences in their lives–the best part is that none of these women are overly sexualized… They’re themselves.

(Orange is the New Black also does a great job of representing women, but the show shows everything, so audience beware.)

I’m not going to say the video is flawless, but it’s amazing compared to a lot of other music videos out there. It’s definitely a good sign of progression for the perception of women on a large-scale level.

Kudos, John Legend.



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