Mike Brown

Currently there’s a huge mess in Ferguson, Missouri because of law enforcement not supporting the citizens of the city. I feel like that’s as basic as you could possibly describe the situation going down. I’ve been following this story on my Twitter timeline since the day it happened. To see it progress into such a nationwide concern is so important because while the entire world would love for racism to end, it hasn’t and will probably never end. 

Mike Brown’s life was taken away from him because of his skin color. No matter how easy it is in Missouri to claim self defense by law enforcement, anyone with basic reasoning skills will know that those claims are bull feces because of the several just as effective, less severe ways of eliminating threats of violence, e.g. a Taser. (And yes, I said bull feces.)

What happened to Mike Brown is a serious issue, and the fact that many White police officers have been getting away with such grotesque ideas of justice towards Black people unscathed shows you the amount of corruption in our justice system. We have to fix it before another Black life is ended.

I really don’t have any level of sympathy for Officer Darren Wilson. He would never need my sympathy because of the thousands of people who support such flawed acts of someone “just doing their job.” There are people who genuinely believe that they don’t see race and only want the truth, but you can’t support the truth if you’re on the team of some guy being paid to not work with the opponent being someone who was shot to death by the former. If you really just want the truth, then there are no teams–otherwise siding with the White guy on vacation isn’t really a good case for you not seeing race.

Truth is, if everything that happened on August 9th was exactly the same with the exception being that Mike Brown and his friend were White, he wouldn’t have died on the streets of Ferguson that night. 

And if you still don’t think there is a racial bias in this situation:

if the roles were reversed and a White, innocent, unarmed 18 year-old was struck at least 6 times by a Black police officer, would anyone dare to start a GoFundMe campaign that would raise $234,910

The answer is no. No one in their right mind would help a Black man that shot someone innocent, but 5,901 people would if he were White.

Racism is still alive. That’s all. 



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