This blog is written for a year-long English assignment. Basically, my teacher wanted us to get creative and connect things we’ve discussed or learned in class with things we personally enjoy doing. (Those posts are categorized as Re:Framed posts.)

While making this blog, I decided I wanted to write about everything from my point of view (hence, purspektiv), but I really just got tired of writing that way. I didn’t particularly enjoy writing for this blog as I felt like I was forced to write about things I really didn’t care about. While making boring, irrelevant posts, I started posting music I was listening to–just for fun. After that, it just became mostly music posts, and then I realized how much I enjoyed writing about music, bands and stuff like that, so now I call this baby a music blog.

I kind of hate the name of this blog just because it has nothing to do with my blog anymore, but I love mentioning the word perspective in posts and then italicizing and spelling it as my blog title. I live for cheesy puns like that… they’re so gouda. I also pull the genius-jeanius pun too, nothing new.

Actual about me starts here:

My name is Jean. I’m a student in high school. I like listening to music, as it doesn’t require any physical activity. My old about me said I was a lover of lattes, but I’ve recently changed my mind on that decision–I’m more of a capuccino person now. That’s all.



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