Band Spotlight: Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is the bee’s knees, cat’s pajamas, creme de la creme and amongst other things your dad probably used to say.


VW is kind of your come-to-mind indie-pop band. They have had three albums out as of now: Vampire Weekend, Contra and Modern Vampires of The City, and they are all amazing. I don’t know if this has to do with anything, but all the members of the band are Columbia University alumni, and I think I attribute that as a reason why some of their lyrics are very smart. (You’ll see what I mean when later.) At the same time I feel like their lyrics are always open to interpretation. They’re usually incredibly witty and sprinkled with satirical pretentiousness within the band’s persona if you will. (You know it’s satire once you’ve read Ezra Koenig’s tweets. His Twitter account is probably on top three favorites, if not my number one in tie with Mindy Kaling–they frequently @reply each other, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Here’s a link to Ezra Koenig’s Twitter.)

Here are my five favorite singles from Vampire Weekend and their corresponding music videos:

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Band Spotlight: Franz Ferdinand

I feel like Franz Ferdinand is one of those bands that’s just all-around cool- it’s one of those bands that you want other people to know you like. Franz Ferdinand is also a really stand-out band for 2000s alternative rock in my opinion, but not only that, the band’s name is historically iconic- named after a guy whose death pretty much started World War I. Plus, their music videos are also pure artistic gold. 

franz ferdinand

Included are my top five favorite singles and their corresponding music videos:

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